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Commax DPV-4HP
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Manufacturer : Commax
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B/W video door phone

COMMAX' video door phone is well known for its high performances, neat designs and economical efficiencies throughout the world as well as domestic market.


• Power Source  AC100~220V , 50/60Hz
• System type  Stand-alone
• Extension Unit  DPV-4HP2:DP-4VR/4VH/4HP(Interphone)
APV-4HP2:CLS-10(Guard station unit)
• Mounting type  Wall surface mounted type
• Display  10.16cm (4") B/W CRT
• Wiring  Camera :4 wires Interphone:4 wires Guard station unit:2 wires
• Dimension  Excluding handset : 189X208X53mm
Including handset : 189X208X56mm
• On-screen duration  Talk: 60sec, Standby: 30sec
• Distance  50m(Φ0.65), 28m(Φ0.5)
• Temperature  0(℃)~40(℃) Gesco.Ge