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Commax DRC-6AM
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Manufacturer : Commax
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Multiple Door Camera

COMMAX has been dedicating to develop optimal cameras for user's perfect satisfaction. COMMAX laboratory would never stop to make better quality-oriented products. COMMAX' door camera has been upgrading to secure no transmutation of materials in the field, innovative designs and easy installation. It features an infrared detector and a LED lamp for identification at night


• System type  Multiple Door Camera
• Extension Unit  APV-4CM/2,4CMD/2,APV-4KMS,4KDM/S
• Mounting type  Flush mounted type
• Display  CCD  Wiring  Common 4 wires
• Dimension  123X316X16(59)mm
• Distance  50m(0.65Φ), 28m(0.5Φ)
• Temperature  -10(℃)~50(℃) Gesco.Ge